Their Story

How did the World’s Most Perfect Roll get that way?


“They stole the show.”

“They are just wonderful.”

Those are but a handful of comments from our valued customers across the country who swear by our soft-baked White House Rolls(R). They trace their beginnings to Richmond, Virginia and the Ukrop’s Super Markets chain.

Here in Richmond, Ukrop’s has long been a household name. For over 70 years, the family-owned grocery store was an institution known for its commitment to quality food and superior customer service. In 1976, Ukrop’s bought a well-known bakery here in town, called Dot’s Pastry Shop. The owner’s brother and production manager, Bill Dvorak, had been making these rolls since the late 1940s in response to the owner’s quest for a perfect yeast roll. He called them “White House Rolls®” because of the dusting of white flour when the rolls were panned – and because he thought they were good enough to serve at The White House.

But the rolls were expensive to produce, and took a lot of time and trouble. Dot’s quit making the rolls, setting the recipe aside for decades. A decade after Ukrop brothers Jim and Bobby bought Dot’s, Dvorak (who joined Ukrop’s) decided to make some rolls for associates at the annual company picnic. Then associates began asking: “Why wasn’t Ukrop’s making and selling rolls to customers?”

And so began what we call the White House Rolls® Renaissance.

At first the rolls were baked on sheet pans and shipped to stores. Later, the purchase of automated bagging equipment and a 100-foot oven made it possible to mass-produce the rolls for same-day delivery to grocery stores. To this day, White House Rolls continue to be made-from-scratch in our hometown of Richmond. We shape 21 dozen rolls a minute (that’s 1,260 rolls per hour!)


White House Rolls® are preservative-free, low-fat, contain no partially-hydrogenated oils, and include zero grams of trans fat.

We are proud to offer our White House Rolls, freshly prepared with wholesome ingredients, to enjoy again and again as you gather your family around the table.